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Reselling of virtual hosting is perfect for those who want to offer hosting services to its customers under its own brand, but it does not want to lay down the burden of responsibility for the quality and smooth operation of servers. This is the optimal solution for small web studios, hosts the websites of their clients and do not want to administer a virtual or dedicated server.

Also, data tariff plans suited to those who want to maximize the security of their websites, because the data rates each site can be placed in a single user, so even if one of the sites will be cracked - the rest did not suffer.

Disk space 20 GB 60 GB 100 GB
Number of users 10 20 40
Number of sites (web domains) 10 20 40
Number of domains 20 40 80
Number of MySQL databases 10 20 40
DNS support
Unlimited traffic
ISPmanager Pro Control panel
FTP access
SSH access
Daily backups
SSL support (SNI)
Own DNS server
Price when paying for 2 years (25% discount)
Price if you pay for 1 year (15% discount)
Price if you pay for 6 months (7% discount)
Price if you pay for a month
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All plans reselling shared hosting also include:

  • The choice of PHP for each site
  • Interface for database management phpMyAdmin
  • Editor DNS records
  • Access requests and error logs
  • Unlimited number of mailboxes
  • Web-based interface to access mail, and access protocols POP3, SMTP, IMAP
  • Installing additional php (subject to availability)
  • Free transfer your sites from other hosting when ordering any tariff plan at any time.

Backup on all tariff plans on a daily basis on a separate hard disk on the server and on a weekly basis on a dedicated server located in another data center that eliminates the risk of data loss. Each user has access to the backups in the control panel and can automatically recover data at any time. Also available is the ability to customize sobctvennyh automatic backups.

Additional services:

  • Additional disk space - $ 1 per month for 1 GB
  • Placing additional site - $ 1 per month
  • Additional database MySQL - 0.5 $ per month
  • Extended Technical Support site: Tariff site maintenance
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