anti virus old school

Removal of viruses from the Internet sites, clearing sites from malicious code, eliminating the consequences of hacking.

It is no secret that the current set of Web sites are hacked. And absolutely can hack any site, from personal pages, finishing the major portals. Compromised sites usually begin to spread viruses, spamming through them carry out attacks on other sites in the network.

We offer services to address all of these consequences of hacking, with us not only remove all malicious code from your site, but also find and eliminate the cause of cracking. Also give recommendations for the continued safe operation of the site and provide guarantees.

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MetroUI Security Approved

Comprehensive security audit web site.

Unfortunately, there is no software that would not contain errors. Mistakes happen everywhere. Hackers are constantly analyzing different software, looking for loopholes through which you can carry out hacking. And from time to time they are found. And then, if for example, hackers discovered a vulnerability in the control system, which is used on your website or in any other software used by you - expect trouble. Sooner or later, your site will be hacked.

To avoid this, we offer services in complex security audit of your site. We will check your website's code for security bugs, look for known vulnerabilities, of course it is all removed and will provide a report and recommendations for the safe operation of the site.

Do not wait until your site is hacked, order an audit of its security right now!

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redhat system toolsAdministering Linux servers, services, remote system administrator.

Any virtual or dedicated server needs to administer. If your server does not follow, it can work not long, or, for example, be hacked. Also, at any time, you may receive any unexpected error, malfunction "iron". The server can simply stop working, and along with it and your site, located on it.

To avoid problems, the server needs an administrator who would behind him. After all, it is necessary to regularly update the software, make backups, install and configure the necessary software, follow the "iron".

For these purposes, we offer our support to your server system administrators. We have a tariff plan with a monthly subscription fee, which is meant clock surveillance for your server and immediate solution of the problems. We also offer the service "Administrator for an hour." This service is intended for one-time works on your server.

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help browserService and support websites.

For each site you need to follow to fill it with fresh information, follow the current software site, otherwise your website or completely "fly" out of search engines, making it useless, or even be hacked.

But the owner of the website may not always engage the support site on their own. Someone does not know how someone does not want to, and someone just no time ..

We invite you to shift the support of your site on the shoulders of our specialists. We will constantly monitor your website, update information on it, watch out for his safety. 

We can also help in solving occasional problems and challenges, for example to correct the error, modify the information, move the site to another hosting, etc.

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