At present, the security of the site is the most important aspect of his work. Of unauthorized activity on the site reduces its prestige, as well as the prestige of your company. Can lead to serious malfunctions, as well as leakage of traffic. Hacked sites are often blocked by search engines and browsers, so your users will not even be able to log on to your site.

Our company constantly monitors the vast global network hacked resources and vulnerabilities. We offer assistance in addressing the vulnerabilities on the site, as well as its further guarantee stable operation.

We offer six tariff packages to remove malicious code from websites. Each tariff package includes a variety of free hours of specialist and the number of sites that need to be cured. If to eliminate the virus site requires more time than is included in the tariff package, then you might be in agreement with you exhibited an additional expense.

Select more profitable for you tariff package and order it. In the process of ordering Allow access so we can get started right away.


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Warning! On the order form are mandatory fields: FTP Host, FTP Login and FTP password. These data, we have enough to get started. However, we strongly encourage you to report data from the hosting control panel (field: Control Panel URL, Control Panel Login and Control Panel Password), so we were able to change their own data access databases MySQL. After all, these accesses are already known hacker and if we do not change, your site can be hacked again.

If you have access via SSH - you give and it will greatly help us in our work and speed up the solution to the problem.

Tariff PlanNumber of sitesIncluded hoursPriceOrder
Virus Removal - 1 1 4 order
Virus Removal - 2 2 - 3 6 order
Virus Removal - 3 4 - 6 10 order
Virus Removal - 4 7 - 12 16 order
Virus Removal - 5 13 - 20 24 order
Virus Removal - 6 21 - 30 30 order

Pay attention! On all tariff plans provided work not only for the treatment of sites from malicious code, but also work to identify and close security vulnerabilities, through which there was a break-in. After all, if the site will remain vulnerable, the risk of re-infection is very high. If you do not know which plan you choose, or none of them does not fit, pre-consult with our support team.

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