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Long gone are the good old days when websites were made on the bare HTML page and weighing several tens of kilobytes. And the Internet was on dial-up.

Pages of modern websites weigh several hundred kilobytes, and often several megabytes. Images, scripts, stylesheets CSS - everything is indispensable attributes of a normal modern site without them in any way. And all this weighs "happiness" is not enough, and every time visitors coming to your site, download it all to your computer. And until the download is complete, the browser page opens.

Consider the method of dealing with this problem by means of a web server Nginx. The bottom line is that we will do 2 things - sozhmёm all static files (scripts, style files) by gzip, and zakeshiruem them with images in the browser cache visitor to every time they are not downloaded from the site and were taken directly from the cache on your computer visitor.

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