We invite all who wish to participate in the affiliate program and earn with us. We pay a reward of up to 20% with payments This misleading the customer. A partnership cooperation with us will be a very interesting web studios, webmasters and all those who are directly relevant to the work with web sites and thus can attract customers to the arrangement of sites.

So, becoming our partner, you will receive:

  • 20% of all payments for virtual hosting,
  • 10% of all payments for services Premium Hosting and Reselling,
  • 2% of the fees for all other services.

User, cast you forever becomes your referral, meaning you will earn a commission on all its payments as much as the user will pay for our services. Earned money can be spent to pay for any of our services, as well as to withdraw from the system way you want (for this purpose in the request for withdrawal, specify where you would like to receive the funds). The minimum payout is only 10 $.

To become our partner, just register, if you are not a customer, go to the "Affiliates" and activate the affiliate program.

Then you get an affiliate link that looks like this:


 XXX - This is your personal identification number in the affiliate program.

People who clicked on this link will get to the main page of our website, it established a special cookie, and if it is within 3 months after that will order any of our service - it automatically becomes your referral and you will be billed affiliate commission with all its payments.

User can send not only the home page, but in general, anywhere, on any page on this website.

For example, you want to direct the user to a page with ssl certificates. Then your affiliate link to this page will look like this:


where XXX - this is your ID, and ssl - is the address of a page on our site, that is what comes after the browser address bar /ru/ or /en/.

Here's another illustrative example: address of the page with the hosting tariffs


So your affiliate link to this page will appear as follows:


You can also send the user directly to the order page of a particular service. In this case, the link will look like this:


where XXX - this is your ID, and YYY - is the ID service. Learn ID service is very simple. Move the cursor to the link to order any of our services and you will see the address of a reference variable pid, which will be assigned to the desired ID.

For example, a reference to the custom virtual hosting tariff plan HOST-1 looks like this:


We see pid=1. This is the ID of the product. Therefore your affiliate link to order this product would look like this:


Affiliate links can be placed on your websites, forums, make friends, generally distribute any lawful method. That it was not clear that this affiliate link, you can cut it any shortener url.

Also, we will be happy to cooperate with any web studios, owners of Internet projects, etc. For example, you can resell any of our services to your customers in their own name. That is, the customer orders and pays for the service you have, you do order it from us. The difference in cost to go to bed in your pocket.

If you have something to offer - please contact us by e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. we will be happy to cooperate.



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