Mozilla after Google announced its intention to abandon the valuable work with sites that do not use https

Wednesday, 06 May 2015 21:13

The company Mozilla, which is the developer of the browser Firefox, in his blog said phaseout of support with sites using a secure protocol is not HTTP. In the first place not on a secure site will not work all the new functions of the browser, as well as those functions that browser developers deem dangerous.

Recall, earlier made a similar statement and the company Google, adding that the sites using HTTPS will be ranked higher in the SERPs is not secure sites.

This is due to the fact that the HTTP protocol is outdated in terms of security and the entire transmitted between the user and site information can easily be intercepted and read by third parties.

Thus the global giants have decided to gradually fully translate the entire Internet on a secure protocol HTTPS. Therefore, it is possible that in the near future by opening a website in your favorite browser you'll see a warning that your site is not secure .

We advise you not to wait to begin a serious problem, and now translate websites in HTTPS. Especially if your website - it is the source of your income.

Switch to HTTPS is not so difficult. Virtually all modern content management system well supported protocols HTTPS, the matter remains easy - you just need to get an SSL certificate and install it on your hosting.

We would like to note that we currently offer SSL certificates at very low prices (perhaps even the lowest among competitors), the HTTPS protocol is supported on virtually all tariff plans of our hosting, we published a video tutorial to order and install SSL certificates, and finally we ready to assist in the installation of free certificates purchased from us, the users of our host.

See figure: SSL certificate PositiveSSL join us 5.20 USD when ordering year, 9.00 USD for stays of 2 years and 12.70 USD for stays of 3 years. That is, if you break these amounts per month, it turns out, respectively, 0.43 USD, 0.37 USD and 0.35 USD per month. Agree, this is ridiculous costs, but they will ensure your safety and the safety of your users, your site will contribute to increase in the search results, increase the trust of users, you will not have problems with modern browsers.

We have acquired the certificates can be set perfectly on any hosting (although some providers are still required in addition to this purchase, and a dedicated IP address), as well as any virtual or dedicated server. This full certificates, which are issued by specialized CAs. Their you can get and on a straight line, but will cost several times higher.

For any information and assistance you can contact our support team.

Switch to HTTPS, make the Internet safer!

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