logoispLicense on the control panel of ISPsystem.

ISPsystem - The Russian company specializing in the development of software for automation of hosting services. Software products offered by ISPsystem - is a simple and reliable service management, from managing virtual hosting service to as many as date-Cents.

We offer licenses on the control panel of ISPsystem at reduced prices, as well as the granting of licenses with the technical support of our company.

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License on the control panel ISPmanager Lite, PRO and Business

ISPmanager - is a popular control panel or virtual dedicated server. With an intuitive interface, as well as a low price for a license, it quickly gained popularity among the hosts and their customers. ISPmanager control panel allows you to perform all necessary actions to your server from creating mailboxes to install the required software.

There exists four versions of the panel: ISPmanager 4 Lite, ISPmanager 4 PRO, ISPmanager Lite 5 and ISPmanager 5 Business.

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License on the control panel VMmanager KVM and VMmanager OVZ

VMmanager - is the solution for virtualization management.

VMmanager KVM designed for virtualization management technology KVM. VMmanager KVM adapted for hosting virtual machines, and build a cloud.

VMmanager OVZ – is the solution for virtualization management for container technology OpenVZ. VMmanager OVZ cluster allows you to organize and perform live migration between different nodes. In addition, VMmanager OVZ provides dynamic allocation of CPU, hard disk and memory across all virtual machines and instantaneous change in these parameters.

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License on the control panel BILLmanager Standard, Advanced, Corporate

BillManager - advanced billing solution for the hosting provider or reseller domains. License BillManager supports a large number of services (shared-, vps-, dedicated- and dns-hosting, domain registration, and much more), domain registrars, and payment methods. Billing BillManager can work with legal entities (invoicing and generation of acts).

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License on the control panel DNSmanager 5

DNSmanager 5 allows you to manage the server domain names. DNSmanager supports integration with other products ISPsystem - ISPmanager and VMmanager, and can also be used as a standalone product.

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License on the control panel IPmanager 5

IPmanager 5 — This is a convenience product that allows you to keep records of the use of IP addresses. With the acquisition of the license IPmanager you can use its IP address as efficiently as possible. IPmanager integrated with other products: ISPmanager, VMmanager, DCImanager and DNSmanager.

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License on the control panel DCImanager

DCImanager — is the solution for system management, to simplify the maintenance work of dedicated servers and centralized management, reduce costs, minimize downtime. For companies engaged in renting dedicated servers, this prog. software allows you to maximize the automation of business processes.

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