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There are many reasons to use the VPN server for the Internet. This hide your location, and access to resources that are not available from your country, and anonymity, and access blocked sites, but the main reason - is security.

With VPN creates an encrypted tunnel from your computer to our VPN-server and back. This allows you to protect any data being transmitted from interception on any key nodes, whether public Wi-Fi router or your Internet Service Provider.

The easiest way to organize your own VPN server using OpenVPN. His installation, configuration and use will be discussed below.

Quite often there are situations where conventional logging, which writes the apache webserver is not enough. For example, your site is hacked, and you learn a web server logs in order to nahodzheniya hole in your site. If you know the exact time hacking, it is likely that you will find in the logs or script file that was accessed from the POST request. Yes, this will be a POST request. But the trouble is that you will see in the log file only, and that's exactly what he was told, seen unfortunately will not. And the exact time hacking rarely known, so it is usually to find a hole on the website through which it was hacked, very difficult.

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