DNS - computer distributed system for obtaining information about domains. The most commonly used for IP-addresses for the host name. That is, the system tells your computer where it is your site. Let's see how it works.


For example, you have typed in the address bar of your browser the address of our site webpatron.net. Your computer needs to know in which of the millions of servers as is this website. In so doing, it will help the DNS system. 

The first thing your computer sends a request to the root DNS servers and asks, "Where can I get information about the area .net?". It corresponds to a root server "DNS server .net zones are located on such and such address". Everything in the world 13 root servers, but each of them has still many mirrors, so your computer will respond the next DNS server. The DNS system is designed so that if one server did not respond - the query goes to the next on the list until a response is received. It is clear that from the root servers, your computer can always get an answer.

Then the computer sends a request to have the root servers zone .net and asks them, "Where can I get information about the domain webpatron.net?". Server gives him a list of DNS servers in the domain. That is the list that you used when registering a domain. Root Server in any zone also is not small, so the answer again is received.

The computer then sends a third request to a DNS server for the domain and asks them "and on the same server which the site is located webpatron.net?". They give him the ip address of the server where the site is located.

Finally, the computer is accessing your server already (he now knows his ip address) and your browser opens the site.

Notice where in the chain the weakest link? True, the DNS domain server (DNS, provided that your hoster). After all, they are usually only 2, and if none of them do not respond, your computer still does not know where to find the site. Reasons that can not answer any one DNS server can wash set, ranging from technical failure and ending DDOS attack on the DNS server. In recent years, often suffer from such attacks clients large hosting providers that support a huge number of domains on their DNS servers. After all, if at the same time begin to attack multiple clients, the DNS server simply will not survive. And the problems start all clients provider. The server itself, on which your site will work fine, but your site will not be able to find one, because it does not receive a response from the DNS servers of your host.

That is why it is desirable that your domain support alternative DNS server. Indeed, in this case, the attack on the DNS problem and your host you are not afraid. And alternative DNS server speeds up the process of transferring from one site to another host, it is no need to change the DNS server in a domain registrar that can be updated for several days, simply specify the new IP address, and almost instantly you will see your site to a new host server.

DNS hosting from our company - it's not dependent 4 DNS servers that are physically located in different locations, two of which are protected against DDOS attacks at the network level data center. Thus, using our DNS server, you can be absolutely sure - Computers your visitors always get the IP address of your website.

DNS hosting service will be useful for website owners who want to use alternative DNS server, and the owners of virtual and dedicated servers that do not have their own DNS servers. 

Ordering DNS hosting, you will have access to the control panel ISPmanager, where you can add your domains and point them to the IP address of your server, as well as edit any domain DNS record.

Tariff plans DNS Hosting

Tariff PlanNumber of domainsPrice per monthPrice per yearorder
DNS HOST-10 10 order
DNS HOST-50 50 order
DNS HOST-100 100 order

We also offer other varieties of DNS Hosting - hosting the secondary DNS server.

This service is for owners of virtual and dedicated servers who want to use their own dns server.

In this case, the first DNS server is the server on which the site is located, and the secondary DNS server we provide. That is, you can use for your domain DNS servers species ns1.youdomain.com ns1.youdomain.com.

After ordering the service you will get access to the panel DNSmanager, where to be able to add their domains. In this panel when you add the domain interrogate your primary DNS server and will transfer to him all entries.

And if your server uses panel ISPmanager, then it is possible to specify the panel access DNSmanager, provided by us, and then the whole process will take place in a fully automatic mode. That is, when you add or change any of your domain panel ISPmanager all changes will be automatically transferred to your secondary DNS server does not have anything to edit manually.

Tariff plans of hosting the secondary DNS server with a panel DNSmanager.

Tariff PlanNumber of domainsPrice per monthPrice per yearorder
SLAVE DNS-100 100 order
SLAVE DNS-200 200 order

All plans DNS hosting automatically activated immediately after payment receipt.


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The company WebPatron - a team of specialists from 2009 dealing with safety at work on the Internet. We offer our customers a huge amount of both core and related services.

For example, we can order the development of website, register for a domain, host it on our servers and in addition to order further maintenance of your website. Will agree - it is convenient? All the services you get in one place, as they say, "turnkey".

Or, if you already have a website, you can post it on our quality hosting and at the same time we will help you with technical problems on your site and deal with issues of its security.

Our advantages:

  • Efficiency - Our experts work around the clock, 24 hours a day, seven days a week;
  • An experienced team of specialists - we do not have random people. The staff consists of employees with no small work experience;
  • Low prices - We already know the solution of most problems, so do everything quickly, allowing you to save;
  • High quality of services - We love our customers and we do everything to ensure that they stay with us.

Our main task - it is a stable job and the safety of Internet projects of our clients. We are open to all and will always be happy to help you. Join now!




We invite all who wish to participate in the affiliate program and earn with us. We pay a reward of up to 20% with payments This misleading the customer. A partnership cooperation with us will be a very interesting web studios, webmasters and all those who are directly relevant to the work with web sites and thus can attract customers to the arrangement of sites.

So, becoming our partner, you will receive:

  • 20% of all payments for virtual hosting,
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User, cast you forever becomes your referral, meaning you will earn a commission on all its payments as much as the user will pay for our services. Earned money can be spent to pay for any of our services, as well as to withdraw from the system way you want (for this purpose in the request for withdrawal, specify where you would like to receive the funds). The minimum payout is only 10 $.

To become our partner, just register, if you are not a customer, go to the "Affiliates" and activate the affiliate program.

Then you get an affiliate link that looks like this:


 XXX - This is your personal identification number in the affiliate program.

People who clicked on this link will get to the main page of our website, it established a special cookie, and if it is within 3 months after that will order any of our service - it automatically becomes your referral and you will be billed affiliate commission with all its payments.

User can send not only the home page, but in general, anywhere, on any page on this website.

For example, you want to direct the user to a page with ssl certificates. Then your affiliate link to this page will look like this:


where XXX - this is your ID, and ssl - is the address of a page on our site, that is what comes after the browser address bar /ru/ or /en/.

Here's another illustrative example: address of the page with the hosting tariffs


So your affiliate link to this page will appear as follows:


You can also send the user directly to the order page of a particular service. In this case, the link will look like this:


where XXX - this is your ID, and YYY - is the ID service. Learn ID service is very simple. Move the cursor to the link to order any of our services and you will see the address of a reference variable pid, which will be assigned to the desired ID.

For example, a reference to the custom virtual hosting tariff plan HOST-1 looks like this:


We see pid=1. This is the ID of the product. Therefore your affiliate link to order this product would look like this:


Affiliate links can be placed on your websites, forums, make friends, generally distribute any lawful method. That it was not clear that this affiliate link, you can cut it any shortener url.

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If you have something to offer - please contact us by e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. we will be happy to cooperate.




DCImanager — is the solution for system management, to simplify the maintenance work of dedicated servers and centralized management, reduce costs, minimize downtime. For companies engaged in renting dedicated servers, this prog. software allows you to maximize the automation of business processes.

The cost of the license management DCImanager Essential (100 servers)

1 month order
1 year order
Lifetime order
1 month order
1 year order
Lifetime order

The cost of licenses on the control panel DCImanager Progressive (price for 100 servers, up to this version of 2000)

1 month order
1 year order
Lifetime order
1 month order
1 year order
Lifetime order

The cost of licenses on the control panel DCImanager Enterprise

Lifetime order
Lifetime order

License without support - License is granted only to the panel. Installation and configuration you make yourself.

License with support - Our specialists will install free panel on your server with the required version of the software (php, mysql, apache, nginx, etc.), as well as answers to questions about working in the control panel to keep the software, perform other administrative work. The total duration of the work should not exceed 4 hours per month, the excess is payable on standard tariffs administration. At this level of support we guarantee support for servers with CentOS or Debian as operating system. To support the eternal licenses valid for six months, you can extend the support by contacting the tickets.

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