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August 1, 2013 came the critical updates for Joomla second and third versions. Vulnerability affects all previous versions, ie version 2.5.13 and earlier line 2.5.x, and version 3.1.4 and earlier line 3.x.

Most likely vulnerabilities are also prone version 1.6.x and 1.7.x

Vulnerability is the ability to download file an unauthorized user, which will inevitably will lead to the breaking of your site.

Currently, there is a massive network hacking, built on the popular blogging engine WordPress. And in this case, do not use any vulnerability break by brute force banal.

What is interesting, the attack is made with ordinary users' computers infected with the virus. That is, in fact, such a computer is assigned to find the password to a particular site and then he starts every 1 - 2 seconds to try to log into the admin panel of the website. And almost always uses the standard login admin, and the password is moved by a special dictionary. I would also like to note that the brute-force comes not from one infected machine. That is, for example 50 attempts to make a selection of zombie computers, go on two, three and so on. Hacked sites in a similar way at the moment, and a huge number of attacks will not cease.

In recent years, often traveling to different sites on the Internet, you can see the warning that the version of Adobe Flash Player on your computer is outdated and it needs to be urgently updated.

Warning! Be careful. A huge number of these alerts are false (the fake) are not on the website of Adobe, and installing such update to your computer or phone, you own it contracted the virus.

How to distinguish a fake from the moment an alert? It's pretty simple. We will try to detail everything in detail.

So, since you're reading this, it means your site is likely been compromised and now you need to eliminate the consequences of breaking. Who and what could hack your site, you can read in our previous article, "How and why to break sites", and here is how to eliminate the consequences of breaking, we will try to summarize in this article.

Initially, we want you to understand - that if your site is hacked, it means to him that something is wrong and it can crack again and again. That is, before proceeding to eliminate the effects - initially need to determine and correct the cause cracking. Otherwise you hacked tomorrow, or even at a time when you are eliminating the consequences of breaking.

How and why to break sites

Sunday, 24 February 2013 00:05

I'm sure many of you surf the Internet there are sites at the entrance which starts to swear antivirus, or even instead of the site hangs completely different page or site redirects you to an unknown destination. And the daily news headlines are full of headlines that unknown hackers broke into one or another popular site. The owners of these sites know this not by hearsay, because daily hack several thousand web sites and get into this wave can be absolutely any resource. Absolutely safe code and the software does not happen, and this axiom to be learned.

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